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  In the first 2 days

  • Keep the plastic wrap film for two hours, after that period remove it and clean the tattooed area with water and foam of a neutral soap or antiseptic.

  • Cover the tattoo again with plastic wrap, repeat this process THREE TIMES A DAY for the FIRST TWO DAYS only. 

  • NOTE: The use of plastic wrap is important to avoid infections, leakage of serum and pigments.


  From the third day

  • From the third day on, you must STOP USING THE PLASTIC WRAP and start applying the CICATRIZING CREAM indicated by the tattoo artist.

  • The cream should be used 4 TIMES A DAY for TWO WEEKS, during this period you will notice the formation of scabs, never pull or scratch them as this will harm healing and cause pigmentation failures.


  Throughout the healing process

  • Take short showers (not too hot) and avoid soaking. Keep the tattoo out of sunlight until it has fully healed.

  • The average time for the healing process is 30 days.


  After the healing process

  To preserve your tattoo as best as possible, always use sunscreen when exposing it to the sun.


  Any questions please contact me and send photos of your tattoo.

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